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DIY Toilet Paper Vinyl Crafts Q&A



If you've been seeing these toilet paper gag gifts come up in your feed at least once a day, that you should tell you all something! People love these, and they are selling a lot!

Some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that I get about toilet paper designs are:

* What kind of vinyl do you use for these? I personally use Heat Transfer Vinyl, however you can always use Oracal 651 as well. My only issue with Oracal is that sometimes the transfer tape sticks to the toilet paper a little too much, but it is cheaper than using HTV. You can always put the vinyl on the bags as well. I’ve heard of people having good results with this. Just make sure you place the roll inside the bag to size and know exactly where to place the vinyl on the baggies.

* What size should I cut the design at? I think this depends on the toilet paper roll itself. Some rolls are bigger than others, but a good rule of thumb would be to size under 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide. I would say this is the max size I would use for any design.

* How do you press the HTV onto the toilet paper? I use my heat press to do these. I find this is the best and easiest way to get them done. I set my heat press at 315 and this works with either glitter or regular htv. I have a teflon sheet that I hold with magnets to the top part of my press (the heat lid), and I roll the toilet paper back and forth on it for 5-10 seconds before pulling it off ... hot peel!

* Where do you get the bags for the rolls? I get my bags at the Dollar Tree. They are called Candy Loot bags and you can find them in the party section. You can also use the Walmart Bread Bags ... these are a little bigger than I like, but if you're wrapping two rolls in one bag, then these are awesome!

* What do you price them at?
I've seen a lot of different price points, and the truth is that this is something that can differ greatly depending on how much material and time you put into the project. Personally I think they do great at $5 a piece if you're using Oracal 651, and at $8 a piece if you're using HTV, Glitter HTV. You should also consider what brand/quality of toilet paper you're using, and how it's being presented/wrapped. Are you using a really pretty ribbon? That costs a little bit more. I would also think about selling them in bundles at a lower price to help your customers to order more. For example, you can do 1 for $8 and 2 for $15.

* Shipping these could be very expensive due to the size, where else can I sell these? I totally hear ya' on this one! I think these sell best at craft fairs, local "for sale" groups, neighborhood groups, sporting events, etc. Somewhere local is best where you can display them easily either on a table in your booth, or by sharing photos and taking orders for pickup or delivery. Also, let your friends and family know, sometimes they can help you spread the word to others! You may even try gifting one or two to someone who is really active on social media and can help you share them even further.

* How do you advertise these to customers? Why would someone buy toilet paper rolls? This is a great question! I always tell people that these would make great gag gifts, white elephant gifts, gift card companions, and my favorite use for them is bathroom décor. Yes, that’s right … décor! People have been embroidering on toilet paper for a long time. I can remember my grandmother in law having rolls of toilet paper that said random things in her bathroom above the toilet. It’s just a fun item to have in your bathroom when guests are coming over. It’s a conversation starter for sure! When promoting these, it’s best to show photos of them already created, and the more the merrier. It makes people think these are a hot item and they need to buy one or a few.

Alright, well that's all I have for today, I hope you try these out, and that and that they bring you lots of sales if you have a shop, and lots of laughs and love if you're just sharing them with friends and family!

P.S. You can PURCHASE THIS DESIGN HERE. You can also find more toilet paper designs by searching our website for "toilet paper" designs using the search box. 

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