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5 Fonts Your Craft Business Needs To Own


Let's talk about craft business fonts today. You all know how much I love fonts, and I'm sure you do too! These are fonts that you should definitely own if you're running a craft business using your Silhouette Cameo, Cricut or any other cutting machine because they will help you create beautiful products that your customers will be sure to love.

Not only are all of these fonts very versatile, and some of my favorites, but they are also the most popular, most useful, and most requested fonts out there that I've seen since starting my craft business 3 years ago. 

If you're doing monograms, glassware, signs, stationery, stickers, bags, decals, tumblers, shirts, etc. then these are all fonts that can help you grow your business. Seriously, if you owned just these 5 fonts, you could do so much!

What I will do is list out the fonts and list out some products that are most popularly created with those fonts.

P.S. All fonts listed are available for purchase with commercial use (aka you can create and sell items using them). Leave me a comment to let me know what you've created with these beauties! I will be sharing some of my favorite fonts once a month this year, so keep a look out for more must have fonts!

1. Samanta (BUY IT HERE) - If you've never heard of this font, check it out now! This font is a little pricy, but oh so worth it. It will make your creations look not only beautiful, but professional. With its hundreds of extras, it is sure to make any items you create unique and perfect. You will make so much money using this font wood signs and wedding party products.

2. Pinsetter (BUY IT HERE) - This is by far my most requested to know font. I get messages about it all the time and works really well for both boy and girl designs. I use it a lot in shirt designs, and it cuts beautifully. Use it to personalize kid items and it sure to be a hit!

3. Southside Typeface (BUY IT HERE) - This one here is for those of you who make a lot of team sports wear. This font has those highly requested under type swashes that are just perfect for "sport mom" shirts and such.

4. Adreena Script (BUY IT HERE) - If you're needing any script font out there for stationery or wood signs, this is the font for you! The swashes that come along with it are just beautiful and unlike any others.

5. Intertwined Monogram She Font (BUY IT HERE) - This font makes the most beautiful monograms! Use the monograms to sell decals, wine glasses, tumblers, personalized backpacks, bags, luggage tags, shirts and more.

*** This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, PerfectStylishCuts will receive a small commission for referring you. I will only ever recommend fonts I own and that I've used in my designs as well as for personal use. Enjoy! 

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