2018 My Crafty Biz Planner

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This is the NEW 2018 My Crafty Biz Planner!

This printable planner is designed to help you really grow your craft business, your audience and stay on top of important tasks like goal setting, social media and finances. 

It's truly much more than a goal setting planner. The My Crafty Biz Planner includes pages like: 

- 2018 Marketing Calendar (Includes all US HOLIDAYS + EVERY occasion that you want to make products for.)

- 18 Goals in 2018 (Helping you to start off the year knowing exactly where you want to be at the end of it. Make your wildest dreams come true!)

- Monthly Goal Planning (In here you will narrow down what you want to accomplish during the month and set deadlines and steps to get you there.)

- Monthly Business To-Do's (This is my personal checklist of things to do once a month to seamlessly run my business.)

- Monthly Business Review (You will journal your successes and failures in these pages. Your next year self will thank you for this!)

- Daily Planner & Schedule worksheet (Everything you need to get done each day can be found here.)

- Brain Dump worksheet (As creative business owners we have so many ideas floating in our heads. These worksheets will help you keep all those ideas organized in one place. 

- Monthly Budget & Finances Worksheet (It's easy to think that we will be able to remember what we spent and made later one, but with this worksheet you will be able to keep track of your finances each month. It's the best way to know if your business is profitable!)

- Social Media Planner (Once you've filled this worksheet, scheduling your social media will be a breeze! You will be doing it in monthly increments.)

- 30 Social Media Post Ideas (These are THE BEST AND MOST VALUABLE ideas to your craft business! You NEED THESE in your life to help you create engaging content to keep your audience interested in all your products.)

- Orders Organizer (This is exactly what it sounds like. A place where you can keep track of all your orders from start to finish. Never lose another order note again!)

- Preferred Vendors List (When you start growing your business you will find vendors that you love and hate. Keep track of the good ones here so that you can always go back to them.)

- MONTHLY $5 COUPONS - (YES! You will ALSO receive $60 worth of FREE DESIGNS during the year 2018. Each month you will receive a $5 account credit to use on anything product on our website. You will have ALL MONTH to make use of these!)